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Drinking Glasses

Hands down, no questions asked, cups are my favorite thing to make when I am blowing glass. I think I like that they are meant to be used and held and in a world where people are constantly told “not to touch” it is a welcome change of pace.

A glass was the first thing I ever made in the hot shop. My mom still has it. To say it has character would be polite. While I must admit every now and then I make a glass and wonder what the heck I was doing, more often than not they are delightful objects to hold, look at and, and drink from.

The glasses featured in this section are a mix of things I make for fun and technical exercises I challenge myself with to continue to improve my craft. Whatever your beverage of choice, it is sure to taste better out of one of these hand made glasses!

Etched and Engraved


Happy Cloud Cups

SOLD OUT! Check back for more soon!

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