Artist Statement 

I create sculpture and installations that pause to consider pivotal moments and visualize the precarious balance we maintain throughout life.  Primarily using cast and cold formed processes, I exploit the preconceived notion of glass as a material to help articulate the topics being explored, asking the viewer to question the material being used and how it changes their notion of what they see. 

My work focuses on responses to experiences throughout life. I consider each piece as an abstracted self-portrait, capturing thoughts, anxieties, memories, and hopes. Recurring themes like “precarious balance” and “contemplative moments” speak to the desire to find a harmony and sense of order while acknowledging I am tiptoeing on the edge of chaos.  At times using tension, friction, and gravity to stack, wedge, and balance elements to create the desired effect. The emotional response elicited from the viewer is meant to give the opportunity to pause and reflect on one's own histories, finding common ground within the emotions we have all experienced throughout life regardless of the narratives that lead us there.  Despite veins of anxiety and loneliness in the work, I strive to represent an underlying sense of hope and nostalgia.