Hello, and thank you for your interest in Sarah Vaughn Glass and Stacking Stones Studio!

If your question isn't listed here please email me at

1.  I am giving a gift, how do I insure that the invoice/price is not included in the package?

    *Please email me or add a note at checkout!  I am happy to include a note from you with your gift!


2.  The item I ordered looks different than the images on the website, why is that?

    *Each item is handmade.  If you ordered an item that I made more than one off (such as a pair of earrings) there maybe slight variations with the color, shape, pattern, and size.  Colors appear different in the image compared to the actual object due to type of lighting used to document the piece or settings of your computer monitor.  I do my best to ensure no surprises happen.

3.  I like to shop in person.  Do you have a store? 

    *If you live in the Hampton Roads and want to stop by my studio to look my inventory in person or say hello please email me to make an appointment.  You can also buy my seasonal items and select jewelry at the Chrysler Museum Shop in Norfolk, VA or Wildwood Gallery and Framing in Olney, IL.

4.  Do you take commissions?

    *Sometimes.  It truly depends on the project and how busy I am at that moment.  It never hurts to ask!

5.  Why did you issue a refund?

    *The hazards of the digital age...rarely when an order is processing my on-line market place will not realize inventory has been depleted and allow additional sales.  If this happens, I will promptly email the second buyer to resolve the issue.  If I have similar items in stock you may opt to take that item instead or a refund.  If this happens to you I will do everything I can to right the wrong.

6.  When will my order ship?

    *Orders received by Monday night will be packed Wednesday.  If you place an order Tuesday or Wednesday it may not be packed until the following week.  I will do my best to get orders out the door as soon as they come in, but I am a small team of one.  On the off chance your order is delayed, I will email you.

7.  Why do you only offer items seasonally?

    *I do this so I can have fun making other things and experiment with new items.

8.  I see an on-line store for Stacking Stones Studio but not Sarah Vaughn Glass, why?

    *Sarah Vaughn Glass is a digital portfolio.  Most of the items are already in private collections.  If you are interested in what is available you can email me with specific questions or reach out to Ken Saunders Gallery, who represents my work. 


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