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Pack of Pebble Painting Postcards

Pack of Pebble Painting Postcards


These postcards are reproductions of original watercolors by Sarah Vaughn (that's me). Dubbed what I lovingly refer to as "productive procrastination," this ongoing series of  Pebble Paintings was inspired when friend and collaborator, Caitlin Blomstrom, gifted me a set of old watercolors. They have offered a wonderful escape from my usual practice. Stick them on your fridge, frame them, or even get crazy and send them to your friends!

Can't decide? Have tons of folks to send notes too? Then this is for you! Get all six of the 1st edition of Pebble Painting Postcards!

Postcards measure 4" x 6"

Backs are marked for stamps, addresses, and include a space to write a lovely little note!

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